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Official Guide
Looking for information about high school bowling? The USBC High School Guide is what you need. This informative, easy-to-use handbook includes everything you'll need to start a high school bowling program in your area such as: suggested playing rules, certifying post-season events through USBC, future opportunities for high school athletes and more. A great resource for school administrators, coaches and athletes. Click here to take a look.

High School Rules
Do you know what constitutes a legal bowling team lineup? Are you familiar with the Baker System? Would you know if you or your athletes are using a USBC-approved bowling ball during competition?

Understanding the rules is essential for coaches and athletes in all sports, including high school bowling. Below you will find suggested playing rules for high school bowling competition (adapted from USBC general playing rules) and helpful glossary of terms used in the sport of bowling. Important note: USBC does not govern high school bowling; individual states are responsible for governing their own programs. Click here for Rules.

USBC High School Coaching Guide 
This collaboration from USBC High School and USBC Coaching and Certification has everything needed to help grow your high school bowling team. From fundamentals to team drills, this guide offers the tools to aid any coach or volunteer looking to elevate their high school team to the next level. Click here to download the USBC High School coaching guide. 
Since high school bowling is just beginning to be recognized as a serious competitive sport in the high schools, there are very few experienced school staff members trained to either instruct or coach bowling. Currently, certified volunteers from local bowling centers, pro shops and membership organizations are being utilized.

USBC Coaching and Certification provides coaches of all levels the materials to help them learn how to coach young bowlers. Click here to learn more.